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4 days ago

Damon Curtis

Live in another living room!

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Good job bud, and that Jamo looks tasty.

Never stop wanting to be better! You’ll get there.

They let you take a marg home? We called Tuesday and they said they weren’t doing it anymore.

I’m going back to scooter days Cody!! Them good ole days!!!

We’re right down the road, just a golf cart ride away

On the way with some swells for you and moe 😜🤘🏻

Do classy with drinking out bottle! So proud 😜

Hey now!!!! This literally was my favorite song but then introduce it like that! Come on now!

Love from Ervendberg! That my old house!

Yayyy thank you. I loved when you opened for cody and played it

Amber... Bri Bagwell lives next to us on the other side. She's doing this tomorrow night.

LOL That was supposed to be Go Damon!

Hey Bob...that's so cool I've been in that living room!

Melissa Lee up there 👆🏼 is single and lookin...just sayin 😉

It was awesome at MusicFest...and last week.

Can’t beat a little Whitley!

I miss all of you. Be weird coming back and not seeing you guys next door

If you had that cry baby you could play Beverly Hills!

That hats small compared to that guy who covered wear my ring

I heard the KW .. amazing..

Haven’t heard Velvet in awhile D!! And like this tune!!!

Hey buddy . Play lonely East Texas nights .

Hey there Amber! We miss that living room!

My fault.... typical me late to everything 🤷🏼‍♀️

Van seat sessions look like love seat sessions!!🤣🤣 Get it brother!!🤘🏼

4 days ago

Damon Curtis

Facebook Live 8pm tonight! Shoot me your requests! I’ll see what i can do for yall! ... See MoreSee Less

Facebook Live 8pm tonight! Shoot me your requests! I’ll see what i can do for yall!

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Reckless love ❤️

I always want to here the one you co wrote. It won’t be the same though as you sang it in Abilene, Tx when it was like a private concert.

Velvet and I’m over you

Heart of Stone

Are you in a van by chance? Anyway, mmbop would be aces

Go on at 9 so I can go from my brother in laws sesh to yours!

5 days ago

Damon Curtis

Tomorrow is the next Van Seat Session LIVE! What all do you want to hear? Sound off! ... See MoreSee Less

Tomorrow is the next Van Seat Session LIVE! What all do you want to hear? Sound off!

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Drum solo!

Not gonna see me cry

That moulton song please? 😂😂😂one fuckin log!

Falling in!

The National Anthem!

Get Low! 😉

9 to 5!!!

Double drum solo!

Come Pick me up First Dance Devil Went Down to Georgia 😂

Can we get a wicked Simon solo?

5 days ago

Damon Curtis

ICYMI here's the broadcast from SA Live this afternoon and don't forget to catch me Thursday's at 8pm on FB Live. New Braunfels is currently under a shelter-in-place order so until that lifts it will just be me acoustic. The band will return as soon as the state deems it safe, I promise! The van seat and the skeleton will probably show up again too! Thanks and be safe! ... See MoreSee Less

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I watched it; you were great!

Looking forward to this week's show.

I’m so freaking proud of you! This is amazing!!!!! 😍😍 ahhh!!!

5 days ago

Damon Curtis


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Saw it! It was great!

that was awesome!!!

Y’all sounded awesome as always

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Damon Curtis spent his childhood singing along with the radio listening to his father’s favorites, Keith Whitley and George Strait. It was these influences and a love for the craft that led this singer songwriter from Moulton, Texas to pursue his music career. Singing along note for note with the greats, Damon honed his abilities to become the artist he is today.

At age 25, Damon started a band with a few local musicians. Driven by his Faith, the support of his family and the confidence of his friends, Damon began playing in local bars and venues in his local area. As his fanbase grew, he and the band have been blessed to become what they are today.

In late 2017, Damon Curtis wrapped up their debut EP, “Changing Lanes,” and in 2018 the band released their first single “Here’s to Goodbye” to Texas radio.

After a great response to the EP and massive support from his fans, Damon is currently playing in multiple states and sharing the stage with some of the biggest artists in the industry today.

His dedication to his Faith, to his Family, and to his Fans, ensure that the sky is the limit for this small-town boy blessed with a huge voice.

Oh come,
let us sing to the lord;
let us make a joyful noise
to the rock of our salvation

Psalm 95:1

Damon’s debut single from that EP, Heart of Stone, is available at:


Current members:

Damon Curtis – lead vocals, acoustic
Taylor Trevino – lead guitar, backup vocals
Bobby Bowlin- fiddle, guitar, backup vocals
Mark Evans – drums, backup vocals


Trey Newman
Lee Crosby Agency
(361) 652-6343

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